The first and the most obvious reason why choosing not to buy Spotify followers is a massive blunder is that everybody is doing it and you stand to gain nothing and lose a lot from your decision.

Of course, established artists would love you to believe that only struggling composers with minuscule social marketing budgets buy Spotify followers. However, it can be safely concluded that’s certainly not the case.

So, the decision to buy or not to buy Spotify followers must be based on logic and reason and not on some vague and imaginary moral restrictions.

Secondly, deciding not to buy Spotify followers means you will have to devote a lot more time to your social marketing strategy. Instead of setting up a scenario where the 101st follower hops on to the bandwagon after seeing that you already have a hundred followers, you will have to seek and add followers one by one.

Is this the best way to use your musical talent—scrounging for Spotify followers?

Thirdly, not buying Spotify followers means you will be stuck in the ‘no followers—no visibility—no followers’ vicious cycle. On the other hand, buying Spotify followers will break the cycle and actually convert it into a positive cycle of faster and sustained addition of followers to your Spotify profile.

Fourthly, avoiding Spotify followers packages will mean you will have very little incentive to work hard on your social engagement.

Imagine you are playing your best track in front of a cheering crowd of a hundred thousand fans. Now, imagine playing the same track in a room filled with just seven or eight people.

Which scenario sets your pulse racing? The same logic applies to your Spotify followers as well. More followers, even paid ones, will give you the feeling your music is being heard and enjoyed by a big audience.

This will motivate you to work harder, which will make it easier to attract more followers, which will…, well you get the idea.

Finally, your decision not to buy Spotify followers will mean you will save a few pounds or dollars and, in turn, will spend hours and hours of your precious time and creative energies away from music.

If you really want your music to speak for you, then you need to be prepared to innovate in other more mundane matters. Unless you get a thrill out of adding followers one by one, there’s just no sense in any strategy that does not include the option of buying Spotify followers.

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