‘Less is more’ is a good idea provided you are not talking about your social media marketing strategy. In the world of social media, unfortunately, more, more and even more is more. And this is probably why you must buy Spotify plays the moment you set up your profile on this platform.

You may have a perfectly functioning SoundCloud account. Yet, ignoring newer platforms like Spotify is not an option. So, this means you need to be on the constant lookout for new platforms and will have to set up and maintain accounts/profiles on all such sites.

And you will have to devote time and effort building up a fan following on every new site.

And you will have to make good music for your existing followers and listeners.

And then this entire process must be repeated for some other new service or social platform.

Numbers Matter

The worst thing is that your followers will expect you to build up numbers on your Spotify profile very quickly. Once you setup a sizeable following online, people simply presume all your social profiles will have a large number of followers and plays.

In fact, low numbers will make your fans worry and make it seem as if your popularity is waning.

Instead of overthinking this issue, the simplest and most elegant solution is to simply buy Spotify plays. You won’t be doing this because you are too lazy to find new followers and attract new plays. This is just a tactical move that will give you the time and space to do justice to your entry into Spotify.

Another benefit of buying Spotify plays is that it gives you time to learn more about what works on the platform. What did well on SoundCloud may not work on Spotify because the former is focused more on indie music while the latter attracts more established artists.

So, instead of risking your credibility with low numbers, you can buy Spotify plays, distribute it them across your tracks, and assess which track gets the most plays in the shortest period of time.

Buying plays will ensure you don’t face the perennial issue of your music getting ignored just because of extremely low plays on your profile.

The best part is that it does not cost a lot to buy Spotify plays. You can simply consider it a small overhead to the cost of setting up your Spotify Premium account and enjoy fantastic value-for-money returns on your investment.

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