What is the sense in choosing to buy YouTube views when you don’t make money directly out of it? Nobody is going to pay you a lot of money just because your YouTube videos have a lot of views. In such a scenario, why should you spend your hard earned money by deciding to buy YouTube views?

Well, you can gain a lot by opting to buy YouTube views even if you don’t enjoy direct monetary benefits from the transaction. Check out some really interesting reasons why your decision to buy YouTube views can be very beneficial for you.

Social Media Credibility

Compare a video with 35,000 views with another video that has just 1325 views. Which video, according to you, will be a good video? Do you find yourself tilting towards the video that has the larger views? That is just normal human psychology. Bigger is better. Larger is good. More the merrier. This is how we all are conditioned to think.

So, if you want respect on social media and if you want recognition as a serious social media marketer, then you need views on your YouTube video. To give yourself a jump above others, you should consider the easy option of simply deciding to buy YouTube views.

Buy YouTube Views

Views Attract Views

As we just saw in the example above, a video with 30,000 views is likely to reach 60,000 views a lot faster than one with just 1300 views. The blunt truth is that views attract more views in the world of social video sharing. So, instead of starting at zero and waiting for the long climb towards 10,000 views to get completed, just add our package of 5000 YouTube views a couple of times and you are there at 30,000 views in a jiffy.

Now, market your video and promote it as aggressively as you can. Take it up to 90,000 views and you would have achieved the goal of 60,000 a lot faster. You don’t buy views so that you can relax. You buy YouTube views so that you can work harder and get more returns out of your investment.

It’s Cheap

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you decide to buy YouTube views. It is a simple and easy decision that is not going to strain your social media marketing budget. Adding £5-£10 to your budget is hardly a big deal. You can just treat it as a part of the overheads of creating the video.

There you have it. Some really good reasons to buy views for your YouTube videos that have nothing to do directly with money. It is just a part of playing the game of social marketing smartly to enjoy maximum benefits out of the hard work put into creating and promoting the video.

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