Go Interactive

A one-way communication strategy may work fine for advertising. However, marketing, especially on social platforms, is all about engagement, and that’s always an interactive thing.

The good thing about FB is that it offers multiple channels to interactively engage with your audience. Make a group to create a separate space for you, your brand, and the audience that’s interested in engaging with it.

This simple trick can help you control the conversation even as you learn more about what makes your audience happy and what does not.

Leverage your groups by organizing contests to get the competitive spirit flowing. The prize need not be anything big but the sheer thrill of winning a contest should help you attract more likes on FB.

Seek Feedback

Don’t simply ask for Likes on FB. That rarely works. The fact that you are not getting a lot of Likes means you don’t know the answer to how to get likes on Facebook. Instead of asking for Likes, just ask for feedback on what you should do for more Likes and Follows on FB.

Crowdsource your requests for feedback and make sure it is viewed by the widest audience possible. This will set you apart from the crowd of marketers who are too proud to request their audience to educate them.

Don’t Sell…Always!

Selling is an unavoidable and inevitable part of the marketing process. However, let that not dominate your engagement with your audience. Instead, study your audience so that you can easily discover how to get likes on Facebook or how to get them to buy your product or service.

Obviously, this cannot be a rush job. You must be prepared to invest time and effort to understand your audience, which brings us to the next smart tactic on how to get likes on Facebook.

Just Buy It

In an ideal world, the above-mentioned strategies should result in an organic increase in your FB Likes. But you don’t live in an ideal world, which means your account may need a jumpstart to get things rolling.

This is where simply buying FB likes and adding them to your posts and page can help. It will leave you with more time to focus on creating quality content and other steps to get more likes on FB.

Buying and adding likes is just a shrewd marketing tactic, like a force multiplier that will boost your efficiency and give you space and time to engage with your audience and create a better social experience for them.

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