The fundamentals underlying various social platforms may be the same or very similar but that doesn’t mean social marketing strategies that work on one platform will work on all. Grabbing likes for a new photo uploaded on Insta can hardly be transplanted into SoundCloud, right?

Viewing an image may take just seconds while people can be a lot fussier when it comes to liking a track. The opposite is also true, attracting likes can be a breeze if the audience simply loves your tracks. So, how is SoundCloud different and how to get SoundCloud likes?

You are More than Just the Music You Create

 Nobody may bother about the creator of an Insta meme or the thought process of the person who just made a witty FB post or interesting YouTube video. However, music is different. People always like to know more about the person who creates music and tracks that appeal to them.

And this is a very good answer to the how to get SoundCloud likes query. Let your audience know more about you. Why did you create the track you did? What, in your opinion, made it different from your earlier creations?

Cater to all the Senses

 How many times have you checked out an album just because the artwork appealed to you? Mere snappy artwork may not attract likes but it certainly can boost numbers for the quality cover tracks on your profile.

This may require more work than other ways to get SoundCloud likes but it can prove to be a great investment over the long run.

Build Relationships with Fellow Creators

 Not all create music but all can listen, appreciate, and share tracks on SoundCloud, which means there’s no reason for you not to do so. Feel free to be as fussy and critical as you want but do make it a point to share SoundCloud tracks that you like.

This can help you get likes because the listener can go beyond the tracks you have created and assess your talent based on the tracks you like and share as well.

Win the Numbers Game

 Music is impossible to quantify, and yet the game is all about garnering more and more likes. Just buy a decent number of plays and likes for your new tracks and let organic growth take care of the rest.

You would be surprised how racking up the second batch of 500 likes becomes a lot easier when listeners see 500 likes on a relatively new track on the platform. So, just play it smart so that you can play (the music) well.

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