What is the difference between good music and just noise? Even an ordinary musician will tell you that music is nothing but organised tones and beats that sound pleasing to the ear. Take the organization out of the music and you just have a group of cacophonous sounds that make no sense whatsoever. Well, here lies the secret of extracting maximum benefits from your decision to buy SoundCloud plays.

To buy SoundCloud plays at random without any plan or strategy is similar to banging a drum randomly and hoping that good music is automatically manufactured. If you don’t want your chances of succeeding to be a matter of sheer luck, then you need to consider the following points when you buy SoundCloud plays.

Choose Tunes Carefully When You Buy SoundCloud Plays

Buying 10,000 plays for the ten songs/tunes in your album and distributing it equally for all songs does not make any sense. When people visit your album, they are likely to be confused by the fact that all tunes have the same number of plays.

Since it is very rare for all songs of an album to be equally popular, you would do well to allocate the bulk of the plays to one or two songs and distribute the remaining plays in an equitable manner to the remaining songs. So, allocate 2500 plays to the best song and distribute the remaining 7500 plays to the remaining nine songs.

Create Hype around Your Work When You Buy SoundCloud Plays

We released a song yesterday and it notched up 3000 plays in just 24 hours!! Don’t you think this will be a great way to build up hype around your newest tunes? A new song that is your best attempt at music till date can give a fillip to your social media profile. Provided, of course, you buy SoundCloud plays and deploy them properly.

Once all songs have a decent number of plays, it is time to buy SoundCloud plays for specific goals like creating a lot of buzz and excitement around a specific song or tune. With greater visibility and wider acceptance, you will find it easier to popularize your SoundCloud profile.

Create a Combined Social Media Strategy

4000 likes for your song on SoundCloud but just 25 views on YouTube- does this make sense? Certainly not. A song that is popular on one platform will be popular on other platforms too. So, don’t restrict yourself to buy SoundCloud plays alone. Buy YouTube views, FB likes. Twitter tweets, and a lot more so that all your social media profiles work together to raise your overall profile and visibility.

Good social media strategy, like good music, must know when to resort to innovative and creative tricks to strike a chord with the audience. Keep this in mind to gain the most out of the plays, likes, and views that you buy for your profiles.

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