General questions about placing an order with followerz

How quickly will my order be delivered?

All orders are manually processed between 8.00am and 8.00pm GMT. I use manual processing to check that the details of the order are correct before delivery.

Delivery Times:

Delivery times are down to a number of different factors that fluctuate daily making it impossible to accurately predict delivery times. That said, as a general rule of thumb, most orders should start within one hour.

Occasionally, order processing will be delayed for a couple of hours. If this is the case, you’ll see a site wide notification of this.  

If you find that your order has not been fulfilled within 24 hours, then please get in touch quoting your order ID.

Do you offer any guarantees?

I guarantee that the service you have ordered will be fulfilled. If you have ordered Instagram followers or Twitter followers and find that some of the follower are dropping, I offer a top up service free of charge within the first 30 days of the order.

Do you offer refunds?

Whilst I generally operate a no refund policy, there may be occasions where the service has not lived up to your expectations. On a case by case basis, I’m happy to refund those orders.

Will I get confirmation when my order has completed?

No. You will need to view the service that you ordered and check the delivery. For example, if you ordered Instagram image likes you would need to check the image on Instagram to view how many likes it has received.

Will I get an order confirmation email?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email from the site with the details of your order plus an email from Stripe (our bank card payment gateway) with the details of your payment.

Can you stop/reverse an order?

Once an order has started to process, it is not possible to cancel the order. Once an order has completed, it not possible to reverse the order. Examples of this would be;

  • Removing Instagram Likes
  • Removing Instagram followers
  • Removing SoundCloud plays
  • Removing Facebook likes
  • Removing Twitter likes

General questions about buying the services that followerz provides

Is It Safe To Buy Facebook Likes?

Before you ask is it safe to buy Facebook likes, when was the last time you tried to analyze or inspect the likes received by a FB page? Have you ever tried to play detective with FB likes? Of course not! Everybody just focuses on the likes and simply registers the presence or absence of the likes. Many likes? Good. No likes? Bad. That’s it. So, just don’t worry about whether is it safe to buy Facebook likes or not. Instead, simply buy them and enjoy the inevitable boost in traffic and popularity of your social media profile, posts, and updates.

Is It Safe To Buy Facebook Post Likes?

Whether is it safe to buy Facebook post likes depends primarily on from where you source your likes. Choose a fly-by-night operator and you are likely to regret choosing to buy likes. Deal with a reputed firm that is committed to providing genuine likes at an affordable price and your decision to buy Facebook post likes may prove to be a fantastic one.

How to find such a service provider? For starters, avoid those who offer packages that are too good to be true. A hundred likes for a buck is reasonable but it is better to avoid those promising thousands of like for the same price.

Is It Safe To Buy Facebook Followers?

Gaining traction on a social media site like Facebook can be virtually impossible for somebody operating on a small budget. Whether is it safe to buy Facebook followers is a question that is invariably brought up by those who have deep pockets and can afford to build traction by simply throwing money at the problem.

It is perfectly safe to buy followers because it is an ordinary interaction in the virtual world. Nowhere does it state in the terms of the site that you cannot buy followers. Your account is totally protected from any adverse action, which means buying followers is perfectly safe.

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

Wondering whether is it safe to buy Instagram Likes? It is a perfectly valid question and the answer is yes…. provided you choose the right service provider. Buying Instagram likes is far more common than you think and your photo or post is not going to suffer just because you have added a few bought likes to it.

Look beyond the price and focus on the credibility of the site and service provider when buying likes. From a strong social media presence to detailed contact info on the site—make sure you are completely satisfied about whether is it safe to buy Instagram likes before finalising the purchase.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Buy followers for your Instagram account if you wish to make your account seem active and popular to your existing followers. Is it safe to buy Instagram followers? It is if you-

  • Choose a professional service provider
  • Buy followers from a firm with an established reputation
  • Compare options and choose a seller offering services to clients from all over the world.
  • Don’t use it as a shortcut to make money but only to compete with bigger competitors who use this tactic to ramp up numbers.

Finding the answer to whether is it safe to buy Instagram followers has never been easier.

Is it safe to buy Instagram views?

Worried whether is it safe to buy Instagram views? This tactic is common even among celebrity and other popular Instagram users. So, don’t worry about risks of buying Instagram views. This is just about managing perceptions and making sure your hard work does not go waste merely due to low numbers.

As long as you back your decision to buy views with quality content and a holistic approach toward social marketing, you never need to worry whether is it safe to buy Instagram views. Just make sure you focus on value for money combined with authenticity when comparing service providers.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Impressions?

Worried about whether is it safe to buy Instagram impressions? Is it even possible to distinguish a bought impression from a free Impression on Instagram? If not, then it is all the same, right? Showing that your page has high impressions is perfectly okay even if you buy them. It is not even unethical or immoral. It is all about creating a positive ‘impression’ about your Instagram page.

Ultimately, only good content will fetch you sustainable popularity. As long as you keep this in mind, buying impressions to give your page a boost every once in a while is perfectly safe and totally acceptable.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud plays?

Researching about whether is it safe to buy SoundCloud plays? The first and the most obvious factor to consider is the credibility and reputation of the firm/entity selling the plays. Check out the following points to identify a safe seller of SoundCloud plays.

Strong online presence is a must. Fly-by-night operators rarely put in the effort required to build up a credible following online.

Starter packages are a must. Buy 100 plays for just a low outlay as a trial run. Then, you can consider bigger packages.

Comprehensive services covering a wide range of social media sites. This is definitely the hallmark of a reputed seller.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud likes?

How to find out whether is it safe to buy SoundCloud likes? For starters, you should be able to buy likes for your SoundCloud account at very low prices like a starter pack offering a hundred likes for a few bucks.

Before you are asked to pay, the site should explain how exactly the likes will be added to your account.

Finally, the site should address this natural query about whether is it safe to buy SoundCloud likes even before you ask it.

These three simple points will help you buy likes as many times as you want without any hassles or worries whatsoever.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud reposts?

In the ever-changing world of SoundCloud, you are only as good as your last musical creation. You cannot rest on past laurels when others are consistently creating good music. Now, when it can help you focus on your music, why bother about whether is it safe to buy SoundCloud reposts?

Instead, just buy reposts, give your account a much-needed boost, and then just move on to creating something really good for your audience. Such an approach will ensure your decision to buy reposts, which is just a simple marketing tactic, remains in the background. Remember, quality will always score over quality in the long run.

Is it safe to buy Twitter followers?

It is natural to wonder whether is it safe to buy Twitter followers? The answer to this question depends on why exactly are you buying followers. If you want the public to respect your hard work and recognize the large number of interesting tweets you have posted, then buying followers is just fine.

Not everybody who likes your Twitter account may choose to follow it. In such a scenario, buying followers can balance the equation and ensure your hard work does not go waste merely due to perception issues. So, keep in mind that an active and real Twitter profile will always gain by adding a few extra followers to the kitty.

Is it safe to buy Twitter likes?

Your decision to buy Twitter likes can, in the long run, prove very beneficial for your business. However, you may still wonder whether is it safe to buy Twitter likes? Don’t take your final decision without clarifying your doubt. Instead, use it to verify the credentials of the seller. If the seller has answered this question in advance, then it is obvious you are dealing with a professional firm.

For the record, it is absolutely safe to buy likes. This is merely to make your interesting content seem more acceptable to the masses. A few likes here and there is not going to impact your account’s credibility or reputation negatively.

Is it safe to buy Twitter retweets?

In a perfect world, whether your tweet is interesting or not would depend on the reader’s preferences. In reality, your tweet will be judged on the number of retweets it has got. This is how the social game is played and this is why everybody is obsessed with the number of followers, likes, and retweets. So, don’t waste time asking is it safe to buy Twitter retweets?

Hop on to the bandwagon, try buying retweets in small packages, and analyze the effect on your social profile. If it works, then it is definitely safe enough to use as a strategic and tactical social marketing technique.

Is it safe to buy YouTube likes?

There is only one way to find an answer to this question— is it safe to buy YouTube likes? The only option is to buy likes and find out for yourself whether it is a safe option or not. Spending a large sum buying thousands of likes when you are not even sure about the transaction does not make sense.

This is why check out service providers offering starter packs. Deploying 100 likes in your account will be more than enough to settle the issue. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank just to find an answer.

Is it safe to buy YouTube views?

Is it safe to buy YouTube views? Will buying views harm your account or social media credibility? Will it put your private information at risk? Will it expose you to public ridicule? These are perfectly valid questions provided you have an open mind about the issue and don’t believe in unfounded speculation.

The answer to all three questions is a resounding No! Buying a few views for your account is not a crime or even a moral transgression. It is a perfectly simple business decision that is no different than your decision to buy any other product or service online.

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