Do you wake up every morning really excited about engaging with your brand’s social media audience? If not, then how can you expect your target audience to be enthusiastic about liking you and following you on social media?

Irrespective of your morning routine, the point here is that you cannot spice up your social presence unless you make it an exciting and fun process. And how exactly can you do that?

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

One blog becomes successful and everybody starts blogging. One meme triggers a surge in likes and everybody starts sharing memes. It’s time you moved from the latter to the former category and started experimenting with your social engagement.

It’s perfectly natural to be scared of getting it wrong. But, your audience won’t mind as long as you don’t do something really absurd in the name of experimentation.

Just keep in mind that converting social engagement into a process where your audience discovers and learns more about its own likes and preferences can boost your popularity to the stratosphere.

Make Them Laugh… At Least Once a Day

Humour is the simplest and easiest way to clickbait an idea. Make it funny and you will find people sharing your updates and posts without even being prompted or asked to do so. Funny content can transform you into a social influencer.

Once you reach this stage, you will find your social reach expanding organically on its own. Of course, creating really funny and interesting content isn’t as easy as it sounds. But then, the ability to go beyond the ordinary is what differentiates men from the boys.

Power Up your Secret Weapon – your Employees

Never forget that your employees are consumers of social media in their own right, which means ignoring them can blow a big hole in your social marketing strategy. However, employee engagement doesn’t mean instructing them to follow your page, like your posts, and save your updates.

The idea here is to work towards a situation where your employees look forward to engaging with your brand on social media on their own. Once this is done, you will see your brand’s audience reach expanding into all the contacts of your employees on social media platforms.

Organic social marketing growth is all about understanding why people love social media – it helps them experience new and fun stuff all the time. Understand your audience’s language and you can sit back as your likes, follows, and other metrics surge on their own.

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