You may have come across numerous online advertisements encouraging you to buy SoundCloud plays in thousands at very low prices. Such ads often focus on how easy it is to buy plays and how the entire process can be completed in a span of minutes.

However, your decision to buy SoundCloud plays should not be based solely on cost or convenience. What you need is a precise and step-by-step description of how this decision must be taken, especially if you are planning to buy SoundCloud plays for the first time.

Step 1

Identify the tracks for which you need to buy SoundCloud plays. Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on those tracks that have very few plays. Boosting an already popular track may yield better returns on your investment as compared to pushing up plays for a track that is not very popular among your audience.

Highlighting a popular track after you buy a 5000 SoundCloud plays package can provide greater visibility to your account. If necessary, compose a brand new track and promote it with bought plays. Or, mix and match by opting for multiple packages spread over old and new tracks.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Step 2

Compare packages and choose the number of plays that you need to buy. While cost may be a factor here, you need to focus on the package that will justify the entire exercise. Buying 100 plays for ten tracks won’t serve any purpose unless you choose this package as an add-on purchase after deploying 2000-5000 plays for your tracks.

Consider all relevant factors including popularity of the track, advantage of boosting plays of a specific track, and impact of the package on the overall popularity of your account. Unless you are really short of cash, always opt for the next package than the one you plan on choosing. So, if you like the 2000 plays package, then err on the side of caution and opt for the 3000 or 4000 plays package.

Step 3

Now, it is time to get down to the actual decision, which involves comparing service providers, assessing their authenticity and credibility, determining overall cost, learning more about whether delivery of the plays is guaranteed or not, whether you can opt for plays from a specific country or set of countries, and whether you can opt for starter packs before buying a really big package.

As you can see, the first two steps, if done properly, will transform the third step into a mere formality where you just go through the service provider’s site before placing your order. Take your time and consider all available options before taking a decision. Just because you can buy SoundCloud plays at a very low price does not mean you can treat it as a casual decision.

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