Planning on buying SoundCloud plays for the first time? Keep these three points in mind to ensure you get maximum value out of your decision to buy SoundCloud plays.

Buying Plays is a Serious Decision

Is it possible for a track released over a year ago to have the same number of plays as a track released two days ago? In theory, this is definitely possible. However, common sense suggests that a track released a long time ago will naturally have more plays even if the latest track is significantly better.

Here lies an important tip for those who are planning to buy SoundCloud plays—don’t be casual about it. Buying 5000 plays for each track in your account without considering the date of release of each track will be a very big mistake.

A visitor genuinely interested in your music is unlikely to be impressed by your one-size-fits-all approach. Everybody may buy SoundCloud plays but that does not mean you should not be discreet about it.

Stagger SoundCloud Plays Purchases

Fix your budget, buy plays in bulk, apply the purchased plays to your account and forget all about it—this is just the approach you should avoid when buying plays. A romantic song may get more plays near Valentine’s Day. A song about your mother released in May is likely to be more popular than other tracks in your account, especially when Mother’s Day is just round the corner.

Buy SoundCloud plays to boost popularity of specific tracks at strategic intervals. This will help you extract maximum value from your purchases. This is a much better option than just blind bulk purchases.

Buy Plays Smartly

A general who never retreats will never win a war. This is equally true for a general who is always in retreat mode. The point here is that you cannot afford to be stubborn when it comes to deciding to buy SoundCloud plays.

Ignore this option completely and your account will never become popular. Rely solely on purchased plays and you will end up becoming insolvent. So, be smart about buying plays.

Feel your account needs a bit of extra visibility? Buy plays instead of spending money on expensive social media promotions and advertisements. Feel you have built up traction among your followers? Buy plays only when releasing a major track that you feel requires a bit of extra attention.

So, never buy plays without having a specific strategy in place. Once this is done, buy plays smartly and in a staggered manner to ensure visitors don’t end up getting distracted from the wonderful music that you have created.

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