What’s the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way to entertain yourself when you are feeling bored? Just log on to your favourite social media platform and check out updates from your friends, relatives, and contacts. And then, move on to your next-favourite platform and then the one after that and keep going until you are bored no more.

Not surprisingly, the world has witnessed a surge in time spent on social media sites during the Covid-19 lockdown, Interestingly, surveys indicate that just one in five persons expect to spend less time on social media after the pandemic subsides. So, how will life change for you as a digital marketer?

 More, More, and then Some More Content

One thing those working from home enjoy is the freedom to goof off between Zoom meetings and other virtual interactions. Goofing off often involves checking out the latest updates on Insta or Facebook or Twitter or all three together.

This means your target audience would be wanting updates more frequently. Obviously, you cannot compromise on quality just because you are posting more often, which mean you will have to work much harder to keep your content-hungry followers happy.

A Bigger Audience Base

Conventional marketing channels have taken a big hit due to the virus and the resulting restrictions, which means online marketing has suddenly become a lot more relevant. This means even those who would not normally shop online are now interested in finding more about the best products and services on the web.

There’s nothing more convenient than the Internet, which means these new potential followers are unlikely to revert to their old ways when things, hopefully, get back to normal.

More Monetization Opportunities

Disruption, at least in the world of business, is a good thing because it weeds out inefficient businesses and helps strong businesses and entrepreneurs grow faster. So, this means you should seriously lookout for more monetization opportunities on your digital marketing channels.

So, this is perhaps the best time for you to branch out your marketing efforts into new platforms. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that your presence and popularity will be assessed on basis of your numbers.

Just a handful of likes or followers won’t cut it. So, work smart and just buy FB likes or FB followers or Insta likes or Insta views to ensure your hard work does not go waste just because you are falling short of a few numbers.

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