Be warned, no site or blog or online resource is ever going to give you more than 75% of the answer. The remaining 25% is the X-factor that’s unique to your Twitter presence, which means only you can find the complete answer and find how to get more Twitter followers and likes.

The 1st 25% – Buy Twitter Followers and Likes

That’s it. Just check out Likes and Followers packages from a reliable service provider and add the followers to your account and the likes to your preferred tweet(s).

There’s an important point hidden in this super tip—this is just a quarter of the answer, which means you cannot just buy Twitter followers and likes and sit back thinking the job is done. You will have to focus on the other 25%+25% answers and then find the last 25% through real engagement with your Twitter audience.

The 2nd 25%—Engage, Engage, Engage

And not just with your target audience. Look beyond sales and selling and engage with other Twitter users to help your audience understand your profile better. Retweeting relevant updates from other users to clarify your brand’s positioning can be a great way to get more followers and likes.

This subtle strategy is much better than simply churning out tweets and asking users to follow your profile. How you and your brand engages on Twitter will have a huge impact on your audience’s perception. So, let others help you get your messaging right to expand your brand’s reach and to boost your followers and likes metrics as well.

The 3rd 25%—Spice it Up with Vids, Gifs, and More

 You can say a lot in 140 characters. You can say a lot more by adding an image, short video, or gif to your tweet. The right visual addition to your tweet can create an instant connection with your audience. When you back your effort with the smart addition of likes and retweet packages, then you can easily achieve significant organic growth in your metrics.

The Final 25% – Know your Audience

 No two products or services are the same. Obviously, marketing strategies too will have to be unique. The only way you can get this part of the answer right is by experimenting. Be bold. Make mistakes. Be ready to own up to them. And keep learning.

You will be surprised at how an audience tired of arrogant marketers will appreciate a brand that’s actually trying to understand them. Of course, cleverly buying likes, retweets, and followers will ensure you master the perception game even as you get your long-term strategy right.

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