Everybody wants more likes, followers, views, shares, and saves on social media. To be popular is a primal instinct and there’s nothing wrong in wanting universal popularity. However, there are some very important points that you must keep in mind when planning and deploying a strategy to boost your popularity on social platforms.

Interaction – Not the Same as Engagement

Engagement, engagement, engagement—this is the secret to success on social media. However, any strategy aimed at boosting engagement will work only if you actually understand what is engagement and how it differs from mere interaction.

A functional definition of engagement would be anything that furthers the transition of an individual from being a visitor to becoming a lead to, ultimately, ending up as a customer. You request likes and get them from a few visitors—how does this, in any way, further the process?

A visitor appreciates your post, likes it, and looks forward to more knowing more about your brand—now that’s engagement.

Not Compulsory to Join All Social Platforms

Should a musician focus more on SoundCloud over Pinterest? Obviously. In fact, the musician won’t lose a lot if he/she decides to skip Pinterest altogether. Don’t follow the herd mindlessly and join all platforms without analyzing your requirements.

You will just end up wasting precious resources and end up with a frustrating social experience. There’s nothing wrong in just sticking to one platform if you think such a strategy will work well for your brand.

Explore Synergies between Social and Non-Social Marketing Channels

Never make the mistake of treating non-social, offline, or conventional marketing channels as being completely separate from social marketing channels. The two may not converge for some brands but your focus should be on your product, service, or brand.

If newspaper adverts offer good ROI, then there’s no reason to skip this entirely and focus solely on social marketing. Instead, you should find ways to create synergies between multiple channels to maximize reach and returns from your marketing strategy as a whole.

Never Stop Learning

Social media gives you an opportunity to interact with the entire world all at once. Obviously, social marketing is always going to be a learning experience. So, always encourage your target audience to share their feedback and opinions about your brand and your social/non-social marketing tactics as often as possible.

Boosting social media presence organically is all about seeing what everybody does and focusing on what works best for you.

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