AI is going to revolutionise social media – statements like these attract a lot of attention even if people don’t really understand how Artificial Intelligence can transform social media.

Let us explore how AI can help you become a smarter, more efficient, and, obviously, a more profitable social marketer

Social Media Monitoring

The number of persons active on at least one social media platform is expected to rise from 2.62 billion in 2018 to more than 3 billion by 2021. These 3 billion will post messages, upload photos, create memes, share opinions, submit feedback about brands, and, in the process, create tons and tons of social marketing data.

Artificial Intelligence solutions will help social marketers monitor social media platforms more efficiently and identify trends and create actionable marketing strategies for different products and services.

Improved Engagement and More Relevant Content

AI will facilitate deeper and better engagement with your social media followers. Instead of waiting for a human to reply to a query posted on your social page, chatbots can be programmed to provide answers, share information, and otherwise carry out meaningful communication with your existing and potential customers.

The best part about AI is that you can go beyond the “We will get back to you” routine and create a system where useful information and assistance is shared by the AI chat bot.

Communication apart, AI can also help you go beyond age, gender, occupation, and other generic parameters to create relevant content.

Face recognition and real-time monitoring can help you glean actionable insights about your followers. An individual who loves sharing selfies may be more amenable to checking out your product or service if invited to a selfie contest.

This can be particularly useful when going beyond common updates and focusing on creating personalised messages and updates to be individually shared with your target audience.

Taking Luck Out of Your Selling Equation

Why do some discount offers attract huge responses while others fail to generate any hype whatsoever? Why do some users prefer a specific product or category of products at specific times of the year?

Finding answers to such questions involves going beyond just data crunching and requires intelligent speculation and analysis. Obviously, AI will help you explore these questions in greater detail.

Perhaps not all data will generate meaningful insights. Yet, AI offers a combination of machine efficiency and human-like imagination and analysis to help you remove the element of luck or chance from your marketing strategies.

In the days ahead, passive big data analytics is likely to be replaced by smarter machine-learning algorithms will help you come up with better and more effective social marketing strategies.

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