Why buy likes on Instagram? Just so that you see a large number of likes on your Insta posts? Well, there’s more to buying likes than just the numbers. How an update is visible on Instagram depends a lot on the user’s engagement with the social audience. And, the number of likes and comments a post has received has a huge impact on user engagement.

So, the notion—more likes equals more visibility equals even more likes—is, at least to a certain extent, true in case of Instagram. This means your decision to buy likes on Instagram can actually boost your social popularity.

So, now that it is established that buying likes is just like any other business decision, let us understand how to extract maximum value from this process.

Going Overboard

An account that has ten followers and ten posts but 10,000 likes on each post—sounds shady, right? If you think you can simply buy your way to Instagram visibility, then it is obvious you have got it completely wrong.

Adding a few hundred likes to a great post that has just fallen under the radar or using purchased likes to keep the account ticking for a short period of time is perfectly acceptable. Using it as a silver bullet that will propel you to global fame without any hard work is sheer fantasy.

So, even as you compare service providers offering to help you buy likes on Instagram, keep in mind that this is just one of the many factors impacting your social marketing strategy.

Sticking to a Routine

Share a new post, buy a hundred likes, and repeat this process for every new post—such a routine and monotonous strategy may not serve any real purpose. Don’t reduce buying likes to a formulaic decision without any imagination or creativity.

A discount-offer post with a thousand likes will grab the attention of other users as compared to sprinkling a few hundred likes on all kinds of posts. Organizing a teaser campaign and buying a thousand likes on the day of the final release will automatically create a sense of excitement among your audience base.

And then you can slow things down by scaling back on bought likes until it is time to ramp up the pace again. Creativity is key on social media and the same is true for your decision to buy likes on Instagram as well.

Blindly ignoring this fantastic social marketing tool doesn’t make sense. How often you should buy likes and how many likes you must buy for your posts are best determined through repeated experiments.

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