If you have executed social marketing projects and have tracked social media metrics, then you will agree that people rarely behave logically on social media sites. Logic and common sense dictates that a SoundCloud profile with a large number of popular tracks will have a significantly high number of SoundCloud downloads as well.

You hear a song, you like it, you share it, and you, obviously, choose to download it, right? Wrong! As weird as it may sound, people don’t work like this on social media. They may like the track and may listen to it again and again without ever downloading it. They may hear the track when using a friend’s device and may forget to download it on their own device.

Or, they may choose to do it later only to forget all about it. Or, they may be short of storage space but may never find time to free up space on their smartphone. Whatever the reason, the point is that there can be a natural and unavoidable mismatch between your SoundClould metrics related to plays, likes, follows, and downloads.

The worst thing about this is that nobody will be ready to believe that the mismatch is not your fault. You may have created really good tracks and the large number of SoundCloud plays may be proof of the same. Yet, the absence of a high download number may pull down your social popularity for no fault of yours.

When facing such a situation, you have two options to choose from—you can choose to remain frustrated at how unfair life in social media can be or you can simply buy SoundCloud downloads.

Buy SoundCloud Downloads

That’s all it takes to rectify the situation. You can wait for nameless and faceless social media users to resolve the problem. However, this is not really a solution since you will be depending primarily on dumb luck to solve the problem for you. Or, you can grab the initiative and choose to buy SoundCloud downloads at regular intervals.

The best thing about the latter solution is that you can choose to buy as many Downloads as you want without any hassles. If your Play metric has risen too fast too quickly, then you can back it up with a few thousand downloads with a click of your mouse.

If you are not uploading a large number of tracks and merely want to make your account seem normally active, then you can buy SoundCloud downloads, say 100-500 downloads. This will keep your account ticking along without straining your social marketing budget.

Success in the world of social media is all about managing perceptions, which, in turn, is all about the numbers game. So, step up and take control of your account, its numbers, and what visitors to your profile see when they check out your downloads metric.

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