In a world before social media, musicians were just expected to produce good music while managers, publishers, and lawyers were supposed to take care of the rest. Pretty soon, the success or failure of a musician depended on whether he had impressed enough number of publishers and managers. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?

Well, social media changed all that. Even a kid living in an isolated part of a god-forsaken country can make his or her music available to the entire world. How? Well, one could simply upload compositions, melodies, and songs on SoundCloud and wait for listeners from all across the world check it out. If it all worked out, publishers and lawyers would come searching for the artist; just the way it should be.

Well, if only life were so simple. Big music companies and famous celebrities with deep pockets have made it almost impossible for a beginner or newcomer to get noticed. Yet, there are ways to get across all obstacles and make it big. How?

Well, The Beatles performed an insane number of hours all seven days a week for more than two years. Later, they often credited the gruelling schedule for helping them improve their skills. So, there you have it from the biggest and most famous musicians in the history of time. Practice, practice, and some more practice.

Yet, how are you going to find time to practice if you have to spend hours trying to increase the number of plays in your SoundCloud profile? How to get out of a situation where you need to practice, come up with new compositions, and also make sure your new work is being heard by the biggest audience possible?

Well, buy SoundCloud plays to make sure your work is not ignored simply because your social media numbers seem…unimpressive. Why did JK Rowling write her new book under a fake name? She just wanted to know how people would react to her writing, and not just to her. Not surprisingly, sales shot up and good reviews poured in after word leaked out that the book had been written by a famous author.

Get it? Your work’s fame depends on your reputation and the popularity of your past work. If the tracks on your SoundCloud profile have just a few dozen plays, then chances are high that your next composition too will meet the same fate.

Why don’t you give yourself a fair chance of becoming successful? Just buy SoundCloud plays, boost your numbers, give people what they want, and proceed to give them your best work. Surely, nobody can call that an unethical or immoral practice?

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