Many small business owners make the mistake of equating social media with Facebook and Twitter. These two sites may be the most glamorous and visible components of social media. However, a smart entrepreneur will focus on identifying the right medium for advertising and marketing.

You wouldn’t market your product or service at the nearest railway or bus station simply because these places witnesses huge footfalls, right? Location apart, you will also have to consider whether your target audience visits such places. This aspect should be considered even when considering the option of buying Likes or Plays on social media sites.

As a song composer or music enthusiast, you may stand to gain more by focusing on SoundCloud as your primary social media destination. Why buy Facebook Likes when your fans and followers will focus on the number of plays on SoundCloud?

Remember, the most important language for any entrepreneur is the language of his/her customer. If your target audience is likely to be found at SoundCloud, then you should buy SoundCloud plays over all other options.

Are you worried about being criticised for buying Plays? Well, everybody does it. Celebrities with massive egos who cannot be bothered about building a social media following through good ol’-fashioned hard work and patience often buy Likes and Plays in bulk. Being a popular singer or composer is all about public perception, and there is nothing wrong in gaming the system to boost your popularity.

Further, keep in mind that most people assess the quality of a song or composition on the basis of what their fellow listeners say. A song that has a hundred thousand plays may be praised even if it isn’t your best work simply because listeners see that it has been played so often. Until somebody can come up with a better system of assessing a song’s popularity, you have no option but to follow the trend.

Finally, big companies with deep pockets have simply made it impossible for an ordinary individual to make it big on social media. Do you want to spend hours managing your social media account instead of making good music? If not, then you had better take the smart way out and use these Plays and Likes to get some badly-needed momentum on social media websites.

To sum up, don’t go all moralistic about something as minor as buying a few Plays. Secondly, don’t choose sites blindly. Music lovers are more likely to be found on SoundCloud as compared to Facebook or Twitter. Make a smart choice for real and sustainable long-term benefits.

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