Would a guy who lives for 100 years have more fun than a guy who dies at 60 years? Would a guy making a million dollars a year have a better life than a guy making just a hundred grand? Would a composer with a song that has been played 100,000 times on SoundCloud get more recognition than one with a composition that has been played just a few dozen times?

Chances are high that you voted in favour of the guy who lives up to 100, the one who earns a million dollars, and the composer with more plays. Yet, the guy who lives longer may suffer from more health problems. The rich guy may end up alone with no family to care for him because he spent all his life earning money. And the composer, well, majority support is no guarantee of quality, right?

Welcome to our contradictory world where numbers rule the roost despite the fact that figures cannot measure quality and other intangibles. As somebody who is just beginning to establish presence on social media sites, it is very important to master the numbers game as quickly as possible.

Your SoundCloud plays cannot be the sole determinant of the quality of your compositions. Yet, there is no denying that most people attach a lot of importance to this number. So, play it smart and simply bypass the whole issue. Buy SoundCloud plays to give yourself a fair chance of being recognized on the basis of the quality of your work.

Being stubborn about this issue and refusing to buy SoundCloud plays may result in a situation where you lose out to others simply because you just cannot manage the twin tasks of making good music and popularizing it on social media. Managing your social media presence may seem like an easy task in the beginning.

However, you will find it virtually impossible to gain any momentum or traction when competing against big companies and celebrities who have no qualms about buying SoundCloud plays. Remember, plays count even if the listener ultimately did not enjoy the composition. It is a completely artificial benchmark, and you should not waste your precious time and effort accumulating plays through good ol’ interaction and engagement on multiple social media sites.

Instead, buy SoundCloud plays and use this strategy to make visitors more enthusiastic about the idea of checking out your compositions. Instead of mindless hard work, try to adopt a smart and shrewd approach instead.

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