Our species is obsessed with numbers. A man who lives up to a hundred years is praised and felicitated. Yet, nobody bothers to ask what he did in those hundred years. Others who may have lived for just 30 years may have done more with their lives. Yet, we are fascinated by big numbers.

This is pretty evident in how we evaluate the popularity of posts on Twitter. How many likes does it have? As if a large number of likes automatically makes it a special post. An inane message by a reality television starlet may receive millions of likes while a heartfelt post or message may get ignored.

Now, the important question is—what are you going to do about it? Obsessing over big numbers is not logical or sensible. Yet, that is what we all do. You can complain about it and get frustrated. Or, you can play it smart, buy Twitter likes, and beat them at their own game.

To buy Twitter likes may seem like a casual and minor decision. Yet, it is anything but that. It is a powerful and potent tool that can if used properly, set your cash registers ringing. Planning a big sale in the upcoming festival season?

Buy Twitter likes for that post to make sure it ranks high on the update feed of all your Twitter followers. More will see it, more will like it, and more will participate in your sale. Now, is this not a much better option than to buy Twitter likes mindlessly?

Another option is to buy Twitter likes to make your account seem more popular than it actually is. If you have a few thousand followers, then chances are high that a generic “Hope everybody has a great day” post will not attract more than a few hundred likes. Buy Twitter likes for this post and surprise everybody by notching up a few thousand likes on the post.

When your followers see this, they are likely to conclude that almost everybody apart from themselves liked your post. Hating the fact that they are in a minority, they will make it a point to like your future posts.

This is natural human psychology and to buy Twitter likes to exploit this is a bit of clever marketing that can set you apart from your competitors. Once you capture their attention, you can focus on disseminating really useful information and ensuring your followers stay loyal to your brand.

Nothing can be worse can presuming that your decision to buy Twitter likes does not require careful application of mind. It is a commercial decision and, like all such decisions, you must be at the top of your game for this one too.

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