Remember that dialogue from The Matrix – “If you are not one of us, then you are one of them”? Well, social media has its own version of this iconic line, and it goes something like this – If you are not popular on social media, then you will automatically become unpopular on social media.

YouTube visitors may not differentiate between big companies with deep pockets and those who have just started uploading videos online. They may simply focus on the popularity of your account as determined by the number of views that your videos have received and decide accordingly.

This is not logical, and it certainly isn’t fair. However, this is who the system works, and there is no point simply complaining about it. Instead, you can use an option that even big companies and celebrities are known to use on a regular basis – simply buy YouTube views.

You will be surprised by how buying YouTube views can give a good boost to your social media strategy. What buying views does is that it helps the fence sitters; those who like your videos, but are scared of being one of the few to actually like your profile page, take the plunge. Unfortunately, very few people are bold enough to do what very few social media peers have done—Follow your new and yet-to-be famous YouTube page.

With bought views, convincing such users to give your profile a fair try will become a lot easier. It is ironic that an ordinary video with a hundred thousand views can easily garner a few thousand additional views through the momentum generated by the earlier views, but a good video with a few hundred views lags behind in search results.

For a beginner with limited capital, buying views can help compete with the big boys on an equal footing. Of course, your video’s rank in search results will not depend on views alone. In fact, the overall quality of the video is given a lot more importance. However, views too form a part of the equation, and you should ensure this point does not become a drag on your video’s popularity and ranking.

It doesn’t make sense to get worried about the ethics of your decision to buy YouTube views. That is what big companies and firms want you to do. While you fret and fuss about ethics and morals, they will boost their popularity through smart social marketing tactics including purchase of YouTube views.

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