Why do some YouTube videos go viral while some languish on the 33rd page of YouTube searches? Not all good videos go viral while not all videos that go viral can be rated as great videos. More often than not, a video going viral is all about a combination of interesting content, smart timing, a bit of luck, and lots of hype.

While you cannot purposefully manufacture a viral video, every entrepreneur, service provider, or artist who has a YouTube account should try to ensure his or her videos get the highest views possible. Why is this so important?

Well, social media is all about social engagement. In our society, popularity is measured on the crowd around a celebrity, the number of associates around a politician, and the number of zeroes after the corporate executive’s annual bonus. Simply put, its all a game of numbers.

This is true for social media as well. A good YouTube video with a dozen views is unlikely to ever become popular. A video with 25,000 views will attract attention even if the maker preferred to buy YouTube views to create an aura of popularity around the video. No point complaining about this trend. Its just the way our social setup works.

We humans are a peculiar species. Everybody wants to be unique but very few dare to stand out in a crowd. Our greatest fear is to do or say something that goes against the majority creed. Steve Jobs dared to follow his dream. While we may praise him to the heavens, very few will have the courage to follow his footsteps.

Despite liking your video, most viewers of your YouTube will check whether they are in sync with the majority opinion. If they see 14 views, then they would probably chide themselves for their poor taste and move on. Help them see 33,450 views for the video and you can be rest assured that your video will receive its 33,451st view in a jiffy.

You must realise that this setup has very little to do with the actual quality of the video. It is all about understanding human psychology and using it to your advantage. Unlike others, you probably plan to create truly good quality content for your audience. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you were to lose out to somebody who is just interested in gathering views without any regard for the audience’s experience?

Keep it simple and play it smart. Buy views, increase visibility, boost your channel’s popularity, and ensure the audience gets to see some really interesting stuff online—that’s a true win-win formula.

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