Would you buy Facebook likes? This is a loaded question where those answering in affirmative end up being branded as unethical and immoral while those who reject the idea end up panned for being a rigid and unimaginative entrepreneur.

Buying hundreds of thousands of followers who are located halfway around the world and who have absolutely no connection with your business is likely to attract snide remarks and critical comments from your customers and competitors alike. At the same time, having a Facebook page with a dozen likes and single-digit followers is likely to make your business seem like a failure.

The idea of buying followers or likes on social media can never be a replacement for providing quality service to your customers. Yet, having a respectable number of followers can provide much-needed momentum to your strategy. Remember, nothing succeeds like success. While they may not like to admit it, your existing and potential customers will assess your business on the basis of your social media popularity. And how is popularity measured on social media? Numbers, numbers, and more numbers.

Another benefit of buying followers on social media is that it leaves you free to focus on posting updates and posts at regular intervals. Composing posts, planning updates, finding followers, and networking with clients and stakeholders on the Internet can consume a lot of time and effort. Buying likes and followers will leave you free to plan your content calendar in a much better manner.

Does buying Facebook and Twitter followers make sense? Well, would you walk into a shop that is empty all the time? Or, would you prefer buying stuff from a store that is filled with people all the time? The interesting thing is here is that you never bother about whether the people are really buying stuff or not. They may have simply been paid by the owner of the business to move around and make the store seem full. In the same, way, the combination of a large number of followers with regular posts and updates will lead others to conclude your business is pretty popular on social media.

Catering to this illusion and taking advantage of the same can hardly be called unethical or immoral. This clever strategy can, along with sensible and customer-friendly business practices, help your fledgeling business gain momentum and attract more customers. There are no shortcuts to success. Considering this option may prove beneficial as long as you don’t try to buy your way to social media popularity.

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