Never make the mistake of thinking that buying Facebook likes or Instagram views is all about boosting your social popularity. If it were that easy, then nobody would do anything other than just buying likes.

To really benefits from your decision to buy FB likes or Insta followers, you need to think strategically.

Create a Buzz around your Profile

Social profiles must, as a basic requirement, seem very active and buzzing. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to define a buzzing or active profile. This is why it all boils down to the numbers.

Many likes? Cool! Lots of followers? Buzzing profile! Decent number of retweets? This profile is pretty popular! This is exactly how people think.

You can spend hours crying about how this is unfair. Or, you can simply be smart about it and use paid likes, followers, shares, retweets, and more to simply play the game the way it should be played.

Help your Audience Embrace Change

People embrace change faster if they think they are in control of the process. This is true for social marketing as well. So, setting up a poll about future changes to your product or service and using packages to boost numbers for your preferred choice will automatically attract more votes to the answer.

People instinctively choose to go with the majority, which means a few hundred extra votes added to your preferred answer will automatically make it the popular choice as well.

Show, Don’t Tell!

Using likes/followers packages will simplify the process of boosting the social presence of your product or brand. Attention spans are very short in the world of social media, which means your product/service/brand shall be accepted or rejected in a span of just a few seconds.

Having a decent following and spreading likes and shares strategically will help you create the best first impression. And you may have realized, people rarely look beyond their first impressions when choosing to like or follow a page or profile online.

Everybody Does It… for a Good Reason

Social marketing involves a decent bit of perception management. Everybody does it. Everybody focuses on creating a larger than life presence, and then proceeds to live up to the perception. From celebrities to big companies, everybody relies on big spends to boost social popularity.

Since you are competing against these money bags, you need to spend your limited resources more wisely. And this is exactly where buying likes or followers, or tweets, or retweets, or shares, or Insta views can make a huge difference.

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