Is your content working? Understanding the ideation process for more popular content.

  • My content’s out there but it’s just not gaining traction.
  • I am getting new followers and more and more likes but putting out good content is becoming tougher after the initial phase.
  • My content is becoming jaded and I too can see it. How to break out of this rut?

Every content marketer faces, at some point of time or the other, these ‘content’ issues. The machine’s well oiled and running fine but there’s just not enough mileage. Left un-rectified, your content ideation problems can bring your entire social marketing strategy down.

Breaking Down the Content Ideation Process

Content ideation can become progressively tougher once the low-hanging ideas are done and dusted. You are likely to struggle unless you follow and understand how the content ideation process works.


Unless you are comfortable rehashing stuff your audience already knows, your post, be it an FB update or tweet or Pinterest update or a composition uploaded to SoundCloud, must convey something new to your audience.

Simply restating something already known in a more interesting manner may work once in a while but it cannot be your only strategy.

Obviously, you cannot share new information unless you expand your knowledge, which is why you just cannot afford to stop learning about your subject matter.


Understand the difference between knowledge and data. The former refers to information related to the product or service you are marketing while the latter focuses on the ideal way to present the information.

Could this blog post work better had it been a video? Are you trying to create a YouTube video out of a tweet? Will your humorous and witty content work better as a short-form video instead of a FB update?

Data will give you the answers to these questions, which means only by combining knowledge and data can be move on to the next step.


This is the x-factor that’s going to decide whether your followers will like your post or update or whether it will get dismissed as ordinary.

Preaching to a young audience or completely ignoring nuances when talking to a mature audience on a topic like insurance just won’t work.

Being creative is to know when to follow the rules and, more importantly, when to just ignore them. The combination of knowledge, data, and a creative approach is the simplest and easiest way to keep adding fresh and interesting content to your social fees.

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