With big brands relying on huge teams to churn out new content and updates on Facebook like clockwork, popularising your new page may become next to impossible unless you choose to buy Facebook reactions.

However, blindly buying likes won’t suffice. It is important to have a sensible strategy for the entire exercise. Otherwise, the visitors may feel shortchanged about having a visited a page that seems to be managed in a mindless and automated manner.

For starters, buy Facebook reactions that match the nature of the post. A sad reaction to a funny meme just wouldn’t make any sense. Similarly, a sober post commemorating brave veterans who lost their lives in the service of the country should not have Ha Ha or Angry FB reactions.

The smartest option would be to classify your content into different categories and buy Facebook reactions accordingly. So, a new meme or funny post can have reactions like Love, Ha Ha, Wow etc. Posts on current topics and news can have Sad or Angry reactions to ensure it strikes a chord with the widest audience possible.

Secondly, don’t err by choosing to buy FB reactions for each and every post or update that goes online. While there is nothing wrong in using this extra help to make your page look busier, it won’t make sense to go overboard either. Buying reactions for a single post so as to attract eyeballs for the other posts on the page is a great way to build your audience base.

It is a natural human tendency to follow the crowd. By buying a few Love, Sad, or Ha Ha reactions, you can make a FB page filled with interesting content very popular in a short period of time.

Thirdly, don’t forget that a bit of variety is always a good thing on social media. Buying a few Ha Ha or Wow reactions for a post that has too many Love reactions from visitors can help avoid a sense of monotony on your page. The fact that somebody chose to laugh at a post instead of expressing love for the same can help your content become more popular.

To buy Facebook reactions is a smart business tactic that can go a long way in breaking the “no viewers=no reactions= no viewers” vicious cycle. Once you have more traffic to your page, you can buy reactions selectively as and when you require that extra boost for an important post or update.

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