We all have met critics who have discouraged us from buying social media likes. The most common reason that such critics provide is that they got zero benefits from their decision to buy SoundCloud likes. When you get such an advice, you need to ask the following questions to understand whether the decision to buy SoundCloud likes was to blame or whether poor execution of an inherently good social media marketing strategy was to blame.

Did You Buy Enough Likes?

There are more than 75 million people who are using SoundCloud. The website’s global reach exceeds 175 million users. There are more than 10 million people like you i.e. sound creators on the site. As you will agree, these are staggeringly big numbers. Expecting your track to become a global sensation after a one-time purchase of 1000 Likes does not make any sense, right?

Accepting advice from a person who bought too few likes does not make any sense. You need to analyze your needs, including your budget, and plan your strategy accordingly.

Did You Stick to the Plan Long Enough?

You will never gain from your decision to buy SoundCloud likes if you approach it like a lottery. 5000 likes and a bit of luck and your track is a global sensation. Can it happen? Sure, why not. Will it happen? No reasonable person will bet on it.

A one-time purchase with no follow-up whatsoever is not going to fetch you a lot of benefits. There has to be a strategic plan where the decision to buy SoundCloud likes must be one of the many steps taken to promote your account. A stray decision to buy likes at random will reduce chances of success to a fluke.

Did You Deploy the Likes Properly?

Let us presume your account has a dozen soundtracks. Now, one track has 100,000 likes with the remaining songs don’t have even 1000 likes combined. Does this sound fishy to you? Of course it does. You don’t have to be a social media genius to suspect that something may not be right here.

There is no point in deciding to buy SoundCloud likes unless you know how to deploy it properly. How many likes to buy, how many to deploy at once, which tracks should receive the likes, how often should you replenish the likes—all these factors must be considered together to create a sensible deployment strategy.

Did You Choose the Right Seller?

Buying likes should never be treated as casual or ordinary affair. You should compare options and choose the right seller before finalizing your buy SoundCloud likes transaction. If the person discouraging you chose the seller at random and paid the price for such a reckless approach, then you would probably stand to lose a lot by listening to such flawed advice.

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