Need more followers? Want more likes on your social posts? Well, let’s keep aside options like buying FB ads or checking out buy Insta saves packages and explore organic ways to maximize your social media presence.

An Eclectic Mix of Content

Variety is the spice of life… and your social marketing strategy as well. Are your social media profiles dominated by a single type of content? Text, text, text, and more text? Or just a long series of funny memes? Or, a long list of promotional tweets?

Well, why not mix it up a bit with different types of content? Instead of sharing another text-heavy blog post, why not convert it into a short video and share it on all your social profiles?

It’s important to note that mixing it up goes beyond the specific type of content. You may be relying heavily on humorous posts to attract more likes and followers. However, there’s more to life than just laughter and this is true for social media as well.

Loyalty Rewards

One simple and effective route to reaching out to a wider audience on social media is to give people a reason to be loyal to your brand.

How about a quick competition where the first 20 users to reply to a query or message about your brand get a cool prize or freebie? This may not cost you a lot and the overall impact will be a lot more powerful than buying ads on FB or buying YouTube likes packages.

Such a tactic will create a positive buzz around your brand with minimal effort. You will have converted 20 social media users into temporary brand ambassadors and they are likely to boast about their success and simultaneously promote your brand on and off the web.

Promotions through Useful Content

This is a trickier option but may work very well if you get it right. The ultimate goal of marketing is to attract more leads and convert more leads into customers. On social media, this is often done in a very indirect and roundabout manner.

Now, you can try a more direct approach and include explicit promotions and call to action messages in the funny memes or the interesting videos that you share on all your social profiles.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should convert each and every update into a sale/marketing message. Yet, combining information with selling is not something you should totally ignore.

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