Wondering how to get more likes on Instagram? Getting more likes on Insta is a bit like wooing a woman (or a man), there’s no universal formula or silver bullet that will get the job done in a jiffy.

Having established that, let’s look at how hashtags have helped many Insta marketers solve the riddle about how to get more likes on Instagram.

Hashtags – Embrace Them for More Likes

How do people search for stuff on Insta? They use keywords on Google. What about Insta? The answer is hashtags. Bored people looking for something new may simply check out hashtags like #instagood or #picoftheday just to spice up their boring feeds.

So, you just need to make sure at least one post per day sports the #picoftheday hashtag to boost your account’s visibility.

Hashtags – Go Local

Sounds suspiciously easy? Well, simply adding a few hashtags won’t mean the likes will start pouring in. But, it’s a start and you need to keep going. Next on your hashtags strategy should be focusing on local hashtags.

Local can mean two things here – tags relevant to the local community where your business is located and local tags relevant to where your target audience is located.

The smart thing to do would be to focus on both when creating content. As you can see, using hashtags smartly can help you finetune your content strategy. The tags can tell you want your audience wants to see on Insta, and you can add a dash of your imagination and creativity to spice it up.

Reverse Engineering Hashtags

The good (and bad) thing about social marketing is that you cannot keep good marketing strategies secret for long. Take advantage of this and just check out how successful Insta marketers and influencers are using hashtags.

You should also focus on others targeting the same audience and learn how their posts are showing up in targeted searches by users.

Work Smart and Hard

Leverage your hard work and extract more bang for your effort by making strategic use of paid Instagram likes packages. Learning how to get more likes on Instagram can be a trial and error process, but you don’t have the luxury of a long learning curve, right?

So, simply buy the likes and add them to your posts so that you don’t lag behind even as you learn how to use hashtags better to understand how to get more likes on Instagram.

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