With 326 million monthly active users as of September 2018 and more than 6000 tweets per second, that your social marketing strategy should include Twitter is a no-brainer idea. Your marketing attempts on Twitter can quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content generated and shared on this popular platform.

There is no perfect formula to create an effective marketing strategy for Twitter. However, you are likely to get more traction and enjoy a greater chance of success if you were to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Understanding Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? The answer to this question is not as complicated as you may think. What’s the first thing you want your existing and potential customers to think when they see, hear, read, or otherwise engage with your brand?

Cool, quirky, rock-solid reliable, sober, funky… take your pick. And once you have a clear idea of what your brand should stand for, make sure every single tweet, post, and update that goes online reinforces the message.

What’s the point of buying cheap retweets if your target audience fails to understand the message you trying to convey? How can your customers know your brand if you too are unsure about the idea? So, step one—get your brand right.

Ignoring the Golden Rule—Engage Engage Engage!

Why tweet? Why create a survey or poll? Why share a clickbait headline? The answer to all these questions should be the same—to engage with your audience.

Remember, engagement is something more than just selling, talking, or chatting. It is about creating a bond, something that may be difficult to define but, more often than not, influences decisions.

Using engagement as the benchmark for all your social marketing tactics and decisions can help you extract good returns on your efforts.

Twitter Mistakes

Ignoring Numbers

It certainly would be awesome to live in a world where efforts matter more than numbers. However, the real world is neither so forgiving nor so idealistic. Are you gaining followers? Are your tweets getting retweeted by a wider section of Twitter users? Are you, in short, making money out of your Twitter marketing efforts?

If not, then you need to rework your strategy. Mere numbers cannot define your strategy, but you surely cannot ignore them completely either. Stuff like the number of followers or the number of times a tweet has been retweeted may matter for your audience, which make is a big deal for you as well.

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