2020 can officially be declared as the year of the ‘unknown unknowns’, which refers to all the bad stuff that happened because mankind still does not understand the perils and dangers of microscopic viruses.

Well, social marketers in India got a rude introduction to this concept when border tensions with China led the Indian government to ban 59 Chinese apps, including the very popular TikTok. With the world struggling to cope with the biggest pandemic in a hundred years, the last thing one would expect is for border disputes to flare up.

Yet, the ban is in force. Although it’s unlikely to be permanent, you really cannot say about these things, right? So, as a social marketer, how can you create a disruption-proof marketing strategy?

Rule 1 – No Perfect Solution

The thing about the uncertainties of life is that…well… they are so uncertain. So, don’t waste your time trying to find a perfect solution. Presuming you are safe may make you complacent and rigid. Acknowledging that your social marketing strategies may still be open to disruption will help you stay nimble and stay prepared.

Rule 2 – Diversify

Just because there isn’t any perfect solution does not mean you cannot do anything to protect your brand. One obvious solution is to diversify. Only on Facebook? Move on to Insta as well. Build up a Twitter presence for another disruption-free option.

Create a lot of videos? How about setting up a dedicated YouTube profile instead of posting all your videos only on Insta? Create tracks? Then SoundCloud is a must. Diversification will ensure a setback on one platform does not set you back totally.

Rule 3 – Stop Reinventing the Wheel

One reason why you may not have diversified into different platforms is that building up a strong base of followers and attracting likes, shares, followers, or retweets may have seemed impossible.

Well, why reinvent the wheel all the time? If FB is where your core audience is, then simply buy Insta likes or Twitter polls answers or YouTube views to make your backup profiles look active without too much effort.

Unpredictable problems require unconventional solutions, which is why you should avoid being too rigid about options like buying likes or followers or views online. Such options will help you avoid the worst of the disruptions and give you the breathing space to get your strategy back on track as fast as possible.

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