Smart social marketing is all about constant innovation and improvement. This applies to even your decision to use paid likes for your Insta posts. Mindlessly adding likes to your posts without considering how you can improve its impact is not a smart tactic.

Likes from an Insta account that has not seen a single new post in the past 12 months is unlikely to seem real. Worse, your account may end up being penalized by Insta’s quality control algos. This is where choosing Instagram power likes can make a huge difference.

By adding such likes, you can ensure your social marketing strategy goes beyond just adding numbers to your account and focuses on truly maximising your social visibility and reach.

Active Insta Accounts

Instagram power likes come from very active and very real Insta accounts. Instead of a generic account with no real content, these accounts will be indistinguishable from an Insta account of any normal individual active on Instagram.

So, you can shut down speculation about use of paid likes forever. Even if somebody takes the time and effort to pore through the likes received by your post, he or she will simply end up at an extremely active Insta account.

Minimum Followers Requirement

The second distinguishing characteristic of Instagram power likes is that such likes will be from accounts with at least 10,000 followers or more. Again, this will boost the credibility and authenticity of your likes beyond reproach.

Would anybody just set up an Insta account and work towards adding 10,000 followers just to let it out on hire for paid likes? That just doesn’t make sense.

The smartest way to use Instagram power likes is to combine it with standard Insta likes and Insta followers packages. Combining ten Instagram power likes with a hundred standard likes will add heft to your online presence and make your Insta post seem really popular.

For those impressed by numbers, the high number of likes on your post will do the trick. For somebody interested in the quality of the likes, the fact that you have likes from Insta users with multiple followers will surely settle the matter.

With a bit of experimentation, you can identify posts that will benefit the most from such power likes. From old quality posts that failed to get traction to big-ticket announcements and updates, you can use Instagram power likes to give a strategic boost to your social profile as a whole.

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