Wouldn’t social marketing be a lot easier if you could know what’s on the mind of your target audience? Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that creating targeted content is a matter of luck or fluke.

It’s not. Combining data analytics with a little out-of-the-box thinking can give you a very good idea of the state of mind of your potential leads and customers. Here are three  useful tips that will help you create more relevant content without having to rely on blind luck to get more likes and followers online.

What are People Searching For?

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge surge in usage of GIFs online. Between March and April 2020, sites offering free access to GIFs saw a 33% jump in usage. Further, the most commonly used GIFs were those related to conveying love, affection, and motivation to others.

Further, there was a 225% surge in GIFs searches related to new hobbies and activities like painting, design etc.

So, your audience is feeling low, needing some love, and is thinking of doing something out of the routine. Surely, a smart marketer can use these insights to create relevant and interesting updates that will boost social following, right?

Just Ask Them

That’s right. Why not just ask your audience about what they would like to see next in your next tweet, Insta post, or FB update? It’s always possible you won’t get a lot of useful information. But then, there may be times you can get a lot of useful insights.

Of course, don’t be dumb about it. Don’t just ask and expect your audience to do all the work for you. Come up with ideas and suggestions and put them up to vote. Even explore giving prizes or freebies to boost participation.

If you have a large audience base, then you can create a control group consisting of different categories of leads and customers and run your ideas through them for actionable feedback before making it public for the wider audience.

Create for your Perfect Customer

Imagine somebody who’s always eager to buy your product or service. Not a day goes where this person does not visit you profile or page for updates. Now, what would you want to convey to this perfect/ideal customer?

This simple trick will help you avoid irrelevant content. If it’s not going to appeal to your most loyal customer, then it’s better to simply dump the idea and come up with something more relevant and useful.

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