Successful social marketing is a game of numbers as well as quality, which means you cannot sit back and relax just because your post, update, or social media share receives a large number of Insta likes or FB likes or Twitter followers.

A very important question you need to consider—am I getting high-quality Insta likes or FB likes, Twitter followers, or SoundCloud plays?

Tackling Low-Quality Social Metrics

Where exactly do these low-quality likes or shares or followers come from? Well, quality is a subjective concept, which means a large number of FB likes from American FB users may be low-quality likes for a brand focused solely on the UK market.

Of course, random likes or follows from random locations that have nothing to do with your brand too can complicate matters. The worst part is that anybody with low-quality likes, follows, tweets, and plays are often equated with bots and this can impact your brand’s credibility very badly.

So, here is an actionable plan that will help you tackle the problem of low-quality metrics in your social presence.

Simply Remove Unwanted Likes & Follows

Removing likes and follows from your social media accounts isn’t a great idea. However, knowing how to clean up your social profiles can be useful information.

How to Remove FB Likes to Your Page

You can either remove or ban the person who has liked your page. This will remove the like as well. Removing the person leaves them free to like the page again. Banning will bar them permanently from your page until you unban them.

This can be done by opening your FB Page/ Settings at the top/ People and Other Pages/ Person’s Name / Settings icon / Remove from page likes or Ban from Page / Confirm.

How to Remove FB Likes to a Post

Removing likes to a FB post is a lot trickier. Blocking the user merely hides the like from you. Other users will continue to see the like unless you delete the post or restrict the post’s visibility only to yourself. This may work for personal posts but won’t be so simple for a promotional or marketing post.

FB users can be blocked through Settings/Blocking/Selecting User/Confirm.

How to remove FB followers

Remove unwanted FB followers by restricting the Follow feature to your friends in the Settings/Followers section. You can unfriend or block unwanted friends and get rid of their follows as well.

How to Remove Insta Post Likes

You cannot remove existing likes. At best, you can stop the user from viewing or liking your future posts by blocking him/her. Comments can be deleted manually but likes are permanent.

Access the persons’ profile and three-dot icon to block the user.

How to Remove Insta Followers

Followers can be removed only if your account is set to private. If your Insta account is set to private, then only those users whom you approve can view your posts and updates.

Followers can be removed through Profile/Followers/three-dot icon/Remove

How to Remove Twitter Followers

Followers can be blocked through Profile/three-dot icon/Block/Confirm. Once blocked, such accounts cannot follow you, view your tweets again, or access your list of followers.

How to remove YouTube Likes/Dislikes

You cannot remove likes or dislikes by other users on the videos on your YouTube channel. However, you can access Info & Settings/Advanced Settings and untick the ‘Users can view ratings for this video’ option.

How to remove YouTube Comments

You can prevent users from posting comments on your YouTube videos by accessing Info & Settings/Advanced Settings and untick the ‘Allow comments’ box.

Comments can be removed, although this can be done manually only. Click on the three-dot icon to the right of the comment and you can delete it or report it to YouTube.

How to Remove SoundCloud Reposts/ Likes /Comments

You can block SoundCloud users by accessing their profile and clicking on the Block option under the three-dot icon. Doing this automatically removes all reposts, likes, and comments posted by such users on your tracks.

Likes, Follows, Comments etc. are important metrics used by social platforms to assess your profile’s popularity. Removing even ‘low quality’ interactions can degrade your brand’s visibility and reach online.

Further, there’s no automated route to remove spam or low-quality engagements and interactions, which means this can be a laborious exercise.

Also, people always expect the number of likes and follows on a page to keep rising all the time. The general perception is that these metrics fall when platforms make algo changes to weed out fake likes and stuff.

Obviously, removing likes and follows from your account is only going to strengthen the perception that you were relying heavily on fake users. Do you really want that view to gain strength?

Further, there are simpler and much safer options to boost the number of good-quality likes and user engagement metrics on your platform.

Just Add High-Quality Likes/Follows/Retweets/Views

It is a very common misconception that all paid-likes packages are spammy and bot-based profiles that will degrade your brand’s credibility. You can easily find high-quality packages provided you focus on finding the right service provider.

Want likes or shares or follows or plays only from the USA? You got it. Want a more global response to a post with universal appeal? You can add engagement sourced from countries other than the US and the UK.

Don’t want a thousand likes to be added all at once? Just drip feed it to make it look more n natural. Need a bit of variety and want to go beyond plain old likes and follows? How about adding interested users to your FB events?

The right service provider will serve as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of platforms including FB, Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, YouTube, and, of course, Instagram.

Manually removing likes or follows will be a mind-numbingly tedious and totally unproductive task. Expanding the scope of user engagement of your brand online and taking control of the quality issue is a far more effective alternative.

Finetune your Paid Packages Strategy

The first question you need to ask is whether the paid packages are the source of low-quality metrics on your profile. If yes, then it’s imperative you move to a service provider offering real likes from non-bot non-spammy profiles. This simple change will go a long way in resolving the issue.

Buying likes and stuff is not a silver bullet, which means buying such packages is merely the first step of a long process to boost your social presence. How many likes or follows to add? Should these be added as soon as the post is published? Should these packages be restricted to new posts alone or should you take a look at old but still relevant content?

The more you think about it, you will realise there’s a lot of scope for experimentation and finetuning. With a bit of trial and error, you should be in a position to extract maximum value out of these packages.

Take a Long Hard Look at Your Content

A professional service provider offering packages that add likes or follows or tweets or views to your social profiles will always emphasise on the fact that such packages can never take the place of quality content.

The world of social marketing is hopelessly skewed in favour of big brands with deep pockets. Numbers dominate perception and that’s how the big brands like it. Adding likes or views to your profile is merely a clever tactic to level the playing field.

Yet, what ultimately matters is the quality of your content. So, if you are worried about low-quality metrics, then perhaps you need to carry out a detailed content audit to find ways to improve the same.

Good vs Bad—an Eternal Struggle

Good and bad have been battling each other since time immemorial, and this seems to be true about social marketing as well. Don’t make the mistake of treating this task as a one-time exercise.

Rather, this will be a process that must become a part of your social marketing strategy. The definition of quality will expand as your brand’s social presence grows. You may have to accept a certain number of low-quality likes or retweets on your profile as the price of online popularity. This only means you need to be more aggressive in finding ways to attracting high-quality engagement metrics to your profile.

Good content is a guaranteed winner, although this can be a long process. Adding packages bought from credible and reputed service providers to boost up the number of likes/follows/views/follows/event responses is a shrewd tactic to win the perception battle and create a positive cycle where quality engagement leads to better-quality engagement and so on.

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