Your decision to buy SoundCloud plays is a relatively minor decision when viewed in the larger scheme of your overall social media marketing strategy. However, this does not mean you can afford to take this decision in a casual manner. It is best you avoid these two extreme positions, which can make it very difficult for you to enjoy the benefits of your decision to buy SoundCloud plays.

Won’t Buy Soundcloud Plays for Moral Reasons

This is probably the worst position any social media marketer can afford to take as far as his or her SoundCloud account is concerned. It is foolish to bring morality and other similar concepts into the process of popularizing your social media account.

Your decision to buy SoundCloud plays will simply help you gain more visibility in the overcrowded and cluttered world of social media. Whether you can retain the visibility, build upon your audience base, and convert your account into a money spinner will depend on your ability to provide value to your audience.

Don’t look at this decision in terms of right or wrong. Instead, focus on whether having more plays will help you extract better return for the hard work that you put into your music. If yes, then that should settle the issue.

Won’t Do Anything Other than Buying SoundCloud Plays

Just as you should not blindly avoid buying plays, you should not make the mistake of thinking that simply buying plays will be enough and that you need not bother with anything else on your social media account.

To buy SoundCloud plays is to create the same impression that you get when you enter a crowded store. The fact that so many people are crowding the aisles will lead you to believe that the store does offer good value to its customers.

Yet, you won’t blindly buy stuff simply because others are buying, right? In the same way, you need to post regular updates to your account, engage with your audience, create good content, and do a lot to build your social media popularity.

As you can see, the two options detailed above are extreme positions that don’t offer real results. To get plays the old-fashioned way will leave you completely frustrated, especially when you watch your competitors surging ahead. Yet, to go to the other extreme and to think that you can simply buy SoundCloud plays for guaranteed and automatic social media popularity is not the right approach either.

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