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Avoid Weak Links – Just Buy 50 Pinterest Repins

Why should you buy 50 Pinterest repins for posts with little following when your other Pinterest posts are popular among visitors? Those who view your Pinterest profile are unlikely to differentiate between different posts. Instead, they will simply focus on the numbers, find that you have posts with very few repins and move on.

Fair? Certainly not, but what’s the point complaining about it? Instead, buy 50 Pinterest repins to make your account seem uniformly popular to all visitors. This will ensure a few old posts that were not shared or repined in large numbers don’t end up dragging your reputation and credibility on Pinterest.

Essential Information

Please note that this service is for Pinterest Repins of a specific pin.

You will need to supply a URL in the following format,

To find your pin URL:

  • Sign into your Pinterest account
  • Select the pin that you would like to share
  • Copy the URL at the top of the browser

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