Close your eyes and try imagining a world without social media websites. Pretty tough to imagine, right? Ever wonder what’s so unique about social media? Why have these platforms become such an integral part of our lives?

This is an important question because knowing the answer can make it a lot easier for you to master the tricky world of social marketing.

The Game of Marketing

Marketing is a funny thing where there are two parties with completely opposite expectations and goals. The marketer wants to convince the audience to ultimately dip into their pockets and pay for his/her product or service, and that this can be done in the shortest and cheapest-possible manner.

The audience, on the other hand, treats marketing as an experience. It may or may not buy or even show interest in the product but it wants to be entertained through the process, costs and time are irrelevant to them.

Social Media—Built for Marketing

Enter social media, which is probably the best way to engage, communicate, interact, and, ultimately, even sell to your target audience. It’s a fantastic medium because it allows you to convey your message in innovative ways limited only by your imagination.

If you can think it, then you certainly can use it as a social marketing tactic.

The Emotion Factor

If marketing were all about buying ad space in a newspaper or on TV or even on FB, then why exactly would it be such a big deal? It’s a big thing because smart marketing is all about creating a treasure hunt where the audience falls in love with your brand without even realizing it.

Make them laugh, remind them of their childhood, make them feel happy for what they are, make them treasure the bittersweet experience that is life and, amidst all this novelty, help them connect all these emotions with your brand.

The best part is that striking the right emotional chord will convert your audience into your biggest salespersons. Once you harness the power of viral marketing, your brand equity and brand recognition will just zoom automatically.

TINA—No Alternative

Is there really any other medium that allows you to explore the whole gamut of emotions with unlimited volume of the message, the option of instant feedback, and hyper-personalisation opportunities?

So, the next time you feel frustrated about the ineffectiveness of your social marketing strategies, just assess your efforts against the backdrop of the emotional picture. Get this right to enjoy a fruitful and fun marketing experience.

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