Should your brand have a political opinion? Or should you completely and totally avoid politics when promoting your brand?

Stop Searching for that Perfect Solution

Before you give an answer, just consider this—is it even in your control? Do you really have the option of determining whether your brand/product/service should have a political voice or not?

Customers are humans, which means they will obviously have a political opinion. In such a scenario, can you really afford to be apolitical and expect to connect with your audience?

Staying away from politics can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that can blow up in your face and spoil your brand’s reputation on social media forever. All it takes is one insensitive or inappropriate post and you are doomed forever.

On the other hand, it will be very difficult for you to conceal that you are actively avoiding taking a stand on politics. Being politically correct and apolitical may sound nice but it can easily make you look like somebody who cares more for sales and profits than for standing up for what’s right.

The Answer – Take a Stand, Make a Choice

 If brands could please everybody, then we would not have somebody already found a way to do it? You cannot make everybody happy, which means the ‘playing safe’ option just does not exist.

So, the smart way out is to take a stand. Of course, just like buying likes or followers, there’s no need to make a big song and dance about it. You are in the business of selling a product or service, which means the quality of your offering matters more than your political preferences.

Further, just like buying likes and followers, you should know when to step up and make a statement and when to just focus on your business.

What Consumers Seek – Consistency and Honesty

 Just like you cannot buy your way to social virality, you cannot take an insincere or dishonest stand and hope to succeed. People may not agree with some political views but they certainly will appreciate honesty and consistency.

So, don’t just blindly support a stand just because it is popular among the masses. Your audience is too smart to be fooled like that. Instead, strike a balance and stick to your core branding message.

Finally, be very careful when trying to convert political issues into marketing gimmicks. It is better to let a hundred potential opportunities go rather than end up being identified as that ‘brand’ that tried to make a buck out of a sensitive political issue.

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