Just as Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is probably the world’s most-bought but least-read book, that the brand’s social presence must reflect its voice and tone is a widely-accepted but rarely-followed truism.

Proof? Do you, when considering a Instagram followers UK package, acknowledge the importance of retaining the voice but changing the tone to match your target audience? For that, one needs to understand what comes first—voice or tone.

Finding your Brand’s Voice

What’s your brand’s voice? If your brand had to be described in just one adjective, what would that be? The answer is your brand’s voice. Quirky, funky, cool, sophisticated, casual… social marketing voice you adopt for your brand should have a fundamental connect with your brand’s identity.

The tone is how you choose to convey your brand’s voice. Funny, comic, direct—the tone refers to how your brand says what it wants to say. Voice and tone can mix and match and you don’t need to worry about mixing it up as long as you stay loyal to your brand’s identity.

Yet, not knowing precisely where voice ends and tone begins is not an excuse for messing it up altogether.

Social Media

Getting it Right Online

Should a UK-centric Insta post have a different voice? Well, does your brand stand for something totally different just because you are catering to British audience? Unlikely. Coca Cola is not going become something to be eaten just because it is being sold in the UK, right? US or UK, Coca Cola would need to retain the same voice.

However, the tone can, in most cases must, vary. Take humour as an example. Is British humour the same as comedy in the US, Germany, or India? Certainly not. So, the tone of your social marketing message must be modified to make it suitable for the audience you are targeting.

Lots of Space to Play Around

The tone can vary depending on various factors other than geography, like demographics, the state of the economy or even current events impacting the local mood, say like Brexit.

Excess of choice may seem a bit confusing at first. However, you will quickly recognize that retaining the voice and modifying the tone can make your brand seem vibrant and versatile without any effort.

An understated joke will make your brand seem sophisticated to the mature audience even as it comes across as irreverent to the younger generation. Beyond that, it is just a question of engaging with your audience and noting success stories and identifying also-rans to fine tune your strategy.

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