The Covid-19 pandemic is a big deal, but the fundamentals of successful social marketing remain unchanged. Check out these four basic rules of social marketing to ensure you remain focused and oriented towards your goals even during these chaotic times.

Change is Always Welcome

Can your brand survive or thrive even in unprecedented situations? Don’t fear a crisis because there may just be an opportunity hidden underneath. You just need to be prepared for change and prepared to change to stay on top of even the toughest situations.

Actually, adapting to change should not be so tough for a good social marketer. Just look back over the past five years and you will realize that branding and marketing on social media has changed beyond recognition.

From computers and laptops to smartphones, from two-three big platforms to more than a dozen platforms catering to different age groups and target audiences, from touch and click to augmented reality to virtual reality, smart social marketing has always been about staying on top of change.

Know Where Your Audience Is

 Posting updates on Insta when you actually ought to be on Facebook? Uploading videos on YouTube when you should be focusing on audio posts on SoundCloud? Wasting your time and attention on multiple platforms when your audience is exclusively focused on Twitter?

There’s nothing wrong in having a presence on a dozen social platforms provided you have an audience to target. So, just stick to where you know your posts and updates will resonate with the viewers and plan your content accordingly.

Combine Quality with Smarts

 The only way to build a sustainable and credible social presence is to offer quality to your audience. To know there are ways to create a perception of mass popularity and to use it along with quality content to grow faster is to be smart about it.

Nobody can just buy likes or views or plays and build a successful brand. But, where does it say you cannot combine these packages with quality content to boost momentum? If your audience likes to see good content and big numbers, then what’s the harm in giving them what they want?

Evolve, Evolve, Evolve!

Twitter is for tweets? Says who? What about Twitter polls? Considered how a live session on FB or Insta can help your brand? And what about Whatsapp and Telegram? To evolve is to survive. To stagnate is to die. This is true for living beings as well as brands.

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