The whole debate surrounding whether you should or should not buy FB follows or buy Instagram likes is rather silly. There is no magical solution that will make your brand a social sensation overnight. Smart social marketing is all about using all the arrows in your quiver to come up with a sensible and sustainable strategy for effecting social branding.

The Bigger Question—When to Buy Likes

So, it’s time to ask a much more important question—when should you buy YouTube views or Insta likes or FB page likes. Should the likes be added within an hour of the upload of a new post? Or should buying likes and followers be restricted to ‘old’ posts once it has stopped attracting more likes and comments from your social followers?

Just look at this issue from the perspective of the algorithms underlying all popular social platforms. People want to see interesting and popular content whenever they log on to social media. Obviously, the algorithms are likely to be programmed to focus on the most popular and engaging posts.

And how are posts ranked on popularity or engagement? A YouTube video that garners a hundred thousand views in 24 hours as opposed to one that hits the same number in six months, which video, in your opinion, is really popular?

See how momentum is a key factor that will impact your post’s visibility? Adding a few hundred likes to your hour-old post and helping it garner a few thousand more likes naturally may make a huge difference to your brand’s social visibility.

Beyond Momentum—Content Aging

Another factor you need to consider is the speed at which content ages on social platforms. Remember the JCB meme-fest that went viral in India? That’s old news now, and any brand that tries to attract eyeballs through JCB-machine jokes is likely to lose its face.

This means holding back on buying likes or views or follows for your posts may actually be a bad decision. Obviously, exactly how many likes need to be added and whether you can afford to wait for an hour or two or whether you must act within minutes of uploading a new post is a matter of trial and error.

So, don’t err by thinking that buy FB likes or buy Instagram saves packages are relevant only for old and washed-out posts. In fact, buying them for your latest posts may be the smartest way to boost the ROI of your social marketing budget.

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