Ever wonder why polls are so popular? Simple, it’s all about the power of choice. Participating in a poll is fun because you feel empowered. It’s nice to know that your choice matters and somebody actually wants to know what you feel about the issue being polled.

This is why not including polls in your social marketing strategy can be a huge mistake. If used smartly, polls can transform your audience into the biggest advertisers of your brand. Here are five clever ways in which polls can add more power to your social marketing efforts.

Direct Product Feedback

 Are you happy using this product/service? Setting up a poll with answers ranging from the best feedback to the worst feedback can help you get actionable insights about your product or service.

You can set up more polls based on whether the original feedback shared was positive or negative. This will give you a clear idea of stuff that your audience/customers like and dislike about your offering.

 Marketing Strategy Feedback

Is your social marketing plan working? Does it come across as a well-oiled fine-tuned plan? Or does it have an amateurish and clunky feel to it? A quick poll with a choice of a few precise answers can help you learn from your audience itself.

Instead of trying to infer these things from likes, followers, or shares, simply ask them and encourage them to answer. The simplest and easiest way to do this is through polls. You can even set up a poll about whether polls are really useful to showcase your brand’s witty and casual vibe.

Improve Brand Recognition

Polls are a more versatile medium of engagement as compared to tweets, updates, shares, or other posts. What does your brand stand for? Is it a sober, mature, and serious experience? Or is it all about being young, brash, irreverent, and bold?

Now, polls are versatile because the same question or set of questions can be asked in different ways. Serious and sober or witty and irreverent. The reader will understand what your brand stands for even if he/she does not choose to respond to the poll.

Goodbye to the ‘No Responses’ Excuse

 Feeling daunted by the possibility that your poll will not get more than a handful of responses? Well, just play it smart and buy Twitter poll votes or Twitter polls replies to boost your numbers.

People like participating in very active polls, which means buying responses and spreading it across different answers will attract more answers and help you extract more value from your decision to set up polls for your social audience.

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