Creating a unique identity for your brand on social media can be a very daunting experience. Social platforms are dynamic, chaotic, cluttered, and unpredictable. A trend that catches the fancy of the audience can and will go viral for no reason whatsoever.

Conversely, good brands can struggle for recognition simply because they lack the x-factor to impress the users. What’s worse is that you can never afford to relax even if your brand has succeeded in establishing a connection with its audience.

Best Arrow in the Quiver – Humour

If there’s something that unites people across different ages, countries, languages, and beliefs, it’s humour. Everybody loves to laugh. And everybody associates positive emotions like happiness and joy with laughter.

So, making them laugh is the easiest way to establish your brand’s presence and to magnify its credibility among your audience.

Toughest Arrow in the Quiver – Humour

If all it takes is creating a laugh, then why do brands struggle with social marketing? Well, for starters, making people laugh is a lot tougher than it sounds. There’s no universal formula that can simply be repeated for guaranteed laughs.

What seems funny today may seem offensive tomorrow. What is hilarious for one generation may be crass and silly for another. There are innumerable stories of brands badly spoiling their reputations by getting carried away with their attempts at humour.

Since you don’t have the option of not using humour, the smart option is to know when to use humour to magnify your brand’s social presence.

A funny post or witty meme or humorous video is a great way to introduce your brand on a new platform. This can help the audience establish an instant connect with your product or service. Instead of a boring and formulaic introduction of what makes your brand ‘special’, you can adopt the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach with humour.

Humour can make it easy for you to stand apart from the crowd. From whether global warming is real to whether one country should be blamed for the pandemic, you can oppose popular view without being provocative. Self-deprecating humour can keep the focus on your brand’s independent thought even if it’s unconventional.

Accepting mistakes. Humour is the best way to accept a mistake. Just make sure you don’t come across as insensitive or arrogant. Barring this, saying sorry in a funny way and highlighting how you have messed up grandly can actually help you gain a larger following despite being in the wrong.

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