Why buy Instagram followers? You may have read a lot about why it is a smart decision to buy Instagram followers. Now, let us take a look at some common reasons why people choose not to buy Instagram followers, and why such reasons are flawed and incorrect. Just as you need to know the right reasons for buying followers, you need to know the wrong reasons that you should avoid or ignore.

To Buy Instagram Followers is Unethical

This is the worst possible reason that anybody can have not to buy Instagram followers. There is absolutely no ethics involved in this transaction. Would you consider it unethical to pay people to spend some time in your shop so as to make it look crowded? Certainly not. It may not make business sense to pay people to just spend time in your shop.

Yet, the money you spend paying such visitors can be recovered by the increased footfalls you will enjoy when your crowded shop attracts more visitors. The same logic applies to your decision to buy Instagram followers. People have the tendency to follow accounts with a large number of followers and you are merely taking advantage of this point to boost your social media following.

To call this unethical makes no sense whatsoever. Instead, to buy Instagram followers is actually a very shrewd and clever business decision.

To buy Instagram followers is Lazy

A person who is not interested in boosting following through original and good quality content can be called lazy for choosing to buy Instagram followers. However, a person who is committed to providing quality content, and chooses to buy Instagram followers to ensure his/her content gets greater visibility cannot be called lazy or casual.

The decision to buy Instagram followers is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how and why you take this decision. To buy Instagram followers because you cannot afford to spend months waiting to boost your followers tally the conventional manner is not wrong. To buy Instagram followers because you are not interested in working hard, obviously, is not a smart decision.

To buy Instagram followers is Not Effective

It is impossible to prove such a generalization because there are many variable factors involved. To buy Instagram follower is not a magic pill that will make you an instant hit on Instagram. Nobody would bother about social marketing had that been the case.

Yet, it would be incorrect to go to the other extreme and conclude that buying followers offers zero benefits. It all depends on how you use this wonderful tool. How often do you buy followers, how do you deploy the followers you bought, and how do you combine this tactic with top-quality content and updates will determine the return on your investment.

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