A quick Google search on whether you should buy FB likes or buy Twitter retweets will reveal a virtual avalanche of negative opinions and strong advice against using such services. And this is how it has been for many many years now.

Now, this begs an obvious question—if buying likes or views or shares or follows is futile, then why on earth are these service providers not just still in business but growing their footprint? If organic addition to these social media metrics was the gold standard, then should not these packages become obsolete?

And herein lies an important reason why you should not stop buying FB likes or buying Twitter retweets or SoundCloud plays just yet.

The TINA Factor

There Is No Alternative – TINA – to these packages. Before exploring the TINA factor, it is important to understand some basic truths about how social media platforms work.

Firstly, numbers matter. People may glibly talk about how quality matters and how the number of likes or shares or views on the post are not as important. Yet, your audience is likely to equate poor numbers with poor quality and poor popularity, and that is the harsh truth.

Secondly, how quickly you master the numbers game depends on the size of your social marketing budget, which means big companies and firms have a natural advantage over smaller businesses.

Thirdly, there’s nothing wrong in buying likes or adding bought followers to your page as long you don’t expect to buy your way to social marketing success. In simple words, buying FB likes is a great tactic but a very poor strategy.

Just Shrewd Business

Now, with these points defined clearly, you will realise that adding bought likes to your page only levels the playing field. Considering how SEO works, it’s not really surprising that the general perception about buying metrics is negative even though nobody can really explain why it is such a bad thing.

If you know that having a few people pretending to be customers helps attract more real customers, then is it not just a shrewd business tactic to take advantage of this fact? How is adding likes to your Insta post any different?

Of course, it is very important that you deal with a service provider who doesn’t blindly rely on fake or bot-built profiles. Get this point right and every buck you spend on bought FB likes or Insta views or Twitter retweets will fetch you magnificent returns over the long run.

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